In 1950 PT. Gunung Subur has begun its production at the north of Solo, Jl. Cinderejo number 10. Its production process was firstly traditionally run. Desiccation is processed by cooking tea through oval made of zinc ovens on hearths with one meter diametrical hole.
Its first product launched by the pioneer Mr. Kusno Wibowo has been well accepted by the people of Surakarta and its surrounding. The product is made from selected resources of superior plantation located at 1.250 meters above the sea. This has produced a complete taste of pleasure of drinking a cup of tea; those are astringent, tasty and steady. It is a matter of success in presenting excellent products.
Driven by city plan improvement and a need of marketing expansion, it has been moved to Jaten – Karanganyar industrial area in 1980. It is a safe, cool, strategic area and closed to human resources, as a matter of course. This company has been clearly well developed under its second generation leadership, Mr. Gunawan Wibisono. Its first traditionally packaged fragrant tea is transformed into modern one that is more preserved with export quality in many kinds of flavor and benefit. PT. Gunung Subur has improved its products into many trademarks with many taste and different prices in order to satisfy the need of its consumers.
In tight competition climate, green tea produced by PT Gunung Subur has raised up to be the market leader of green tea in Indonesia with local and export orientation. The company can serve well as much as capacity needed. 

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