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This is a work based company employing more than 700 employees. For its traditional production of tea, PT. Gunung Subur firmly uses so manual technique of concealing and many other processes of production that it is able to absorb a lot of employees especially the woman ones.  The total amount of employees is one indicator to show that this company has been certainly well developed because it only employed about 15 people in the beginning.

Furthermore, it has operated technology based modern machineries to present the modern product ones. By which, PT. Gunung Subur does not only treat with satisfying and useful quality but high flavor as well. Additionally, optimizing its service, PT. Gunung Subur intensively improves the human resources through giving a frequent training and guidance to its first generation of employees having elementary graduated or even uneducated ones.  Besides, it has decided to recruit junior or even senior high school qualification for the coming new employees. 
Related to controlling its products quality, there is a dominant role of quality control division being responsible for exploring the quality through visual and organoleptic test. In addition, its well trained and educated quality control division is a guarantee to ensure the excellent flavor and quality.
Ironically speaking, the world has admitted the quality of tea but the Indonesian those being rich of relatively cheap tea plants can not realize it better.
Being aware that health is too expensive, promoting tea as healthy drink, PT. Gunung Subur is certainly sure to win the competition.

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